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What Google Says About Spam

What Google Says About Spam



On Page Optimization Tips for New Websites

On page optimization is having 25% role in SEO but matters a lot. So to do it completely right you should follow few guidelines. With the Inforgraphic I am covering more important points here. But there are few technical areas which also needs consideration while doing on page optimization of your page and that are:

  • Reduce Page load time using Gzip compression
  • Optimize image by resizing it according to requirement
  • Try using single CSS and script files

One Page Optimization Tips for New Websites


Google Algorithm Update for YouTube Video

Google Algorithm Update for YouTube Video

Google is again Trying something but this time with videos. I think one more update has been done by search engine giant Google for Videos. Because YouTube is best and Google’s own site it will get benefited this time more than earlier.

Bad news for video streaming sites.


Infographic: How to start on Google+

See the Infographic on “How to start on Google+” made by Mervik Haums (

How to start on Google+


10 Simple Tips for SEO

If you own your own website, it is necessary to have some SEO strategy. Search engines are one of the most popular methods potential customers will use to access your website. It is important to get as high up in the rankings as possible.

With the help of an infographic I am going to discuss about the top tips on SEO. Please have a look on the infographic and share your views.

Infographic Source : ( )

10 Simple Tips for SEO


How to gain more followers for your twitter profile

Do you have a twitter account but don’t know how to get followers, retweets, RT and mentions for your account and tweets? It is an art to get followers for your twitter but for newbie here are few techniques which can be followed to get new followers. Check it out here an infographic by Quicksprout:

The Art of Getting Retweets and Followers

Cricket World Cup 2015 Schedule

Cricket World Cup 2015 Schedule, fixtures, Cricket World Cup 2015 time table, today match list with day, date, timings, semi final team matches and Cricket World Cup 2015 venue details, Cricket World Cup records, team squad, winner list and much more.

Cricket Updates

Cricket Updates NEWS , Schedules, Results , Live Score


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