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How to Write an Appealing Meta Title for your Online Article or Content?

Here are few attributes that must be in an Ideal Meta Title:

Keyword Oriented:

Title must have your targeted keyword so that search engine can understand about what you are talking.

For Example:


Here search engine optimization services, SEO firm, SEO company are the targeted keywords.


It should not be very lengthy. The character limit of title is 70 any character exceeding 70 will be wiped out in search engine result page.

For Example:



Relevancy is must. It means if you are talking about men shoes you should revolve around men shoes. There are so many types of footwear available in the market but your target must be men shoes only.


Title should be unique and catchy so that readers will be forced to click on the article to read it. An influencing article title increases the CTR of the page.

For Example:


Title starts with how to, tips, tricks, information can easily influence readers.


Title must have some meaning it should not be a collection of keywords only. If reader is not able to understand the meaning of title he will not go for to read it. You can decorate your keywords in a complete sentence with some meaning.
For Example:


So for creating an appealing article title you must have a meaning full and unique sentence of 70 or less characters including your keywords and with relevancy to the actual content.

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