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Did you face anything while live streaming of Oscars 2014 event?

On the occasion of Oscars 2014, the biggest night in American television, because of heavy overload of visitors servers broke down and it became impossible to watch live stream of the event. 3MX63RYNQPBV

oscars selfie
People in the United States reported widespread issues loading ABC’s live stream of the 86th Academy Awards on the network’s website and mobile apps. Complaints abounded on Twitter. Those who were able to access the feed said it frequently cut in and out, buffered, or lost audio.

Read here what people complaint on twitter:

Did you face anything?


One Secret SEO Tip for Link Building Via Google Plus

Do you know that you can get a Dofollow link from Google Plus? Yes, it is true. People usually share their content link with little introductory text about it with help of either some auto posting or scheduling tool like BufferApp because of less time. It is true that is saves time and provides extraordinary information about user engagement and clicks but you cannot utilize all facility of a particular platform.

What Google Plus Offers?


In Google Plus while posting status, we are having few attachment options that are photos, link, video and event. We normally use photos and videos attachment options while uploading it but do not use link option because it works same if we paste link in text box. But there is a difference between direct pasting link in Google plus status and attaching it with link option provided with the status box and i.e. link type. When you directly paste the link in status box with text it gives you Nofollow link like this


here strike through line shows nofollow link but when you attach it with the post it gives you dofollow link.


See What you need to do for getting Dofollow link in Google Plus?

Put you text in text box and attach your content link with help of link option in attachment section like this


If you have any query about it you can ask in comment section. Thanks!!

How to use twitter for Developing Business and User Engagement

What is Twitter?

Twitter is an online social networking service and micro blogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters known as tweet.

The more people who follow you on Twitter, the more influence and networking opportunities you have. Thus, it makes sense to try and build a following.

Twitter Insights:

  • 500 million registered as of 2012
  • 340 million tweets daily
  • handling over 1.6 billion search queries per day
  • Twitter is ranked as one of the ten-most-visited websites worldwide by Alexa’s web traffic analysis.

Users: Mostly used by

  • Professionals like CEO, Directors, managers (updating what is new)
  • Companies for traffic and lead generation (branding & customer interaction)
  • People of 25+ age for latest news

Functions of Twitter

  • Trending topics: currently discussed by twitter users (left side)
  • Search: allows to search people geographically, question askers, phrases used (top header)
  • Retweet: credit to the twitter user for sharing informational news
  • Mention: direct interaction to particular twitter profile (@ symbol)
  • #tag: Keyword through which you want to be searched (# symbol)
  • Message: can send direct offline message to your followers
  • URL Shortner: helps to short lengthy URLs
  • Image Sharing: allows to share image
  • Video sharing: allows o share videos
  • Twitter list: Segregation of twitter profile based on interest
  • Verified Accounts: In June 2008, Twitter launched a verification program, allowing celebrities to get their accounts verified.  Symbol denotes account is verified.

Benefits of Twitter in business

  • Connecting with customers: helps to connect anyone exist on twitter
  • Branding: Company profile helps in branding
  • Customer Feedback: customer can directly approach
  • Marketing: it is easy to market you service in front of your followers
  • News: latest news related to industry increases followers and make you expert of your field
  • Give away coupon codes and promotions: for attracting current users
  • Twitter is Viral: promotional tweets (paid)
  • Spying on competition: can take the competitors business if they are not able to handle customer negative feedback
  • Increase Sales: help to Increase sales and make PROFIT. Dell is one of the company that have increase their sales on twitter that was $6.5 million in sales as reported at mashable
  • Brand Loyalty: a satisfied customer will always be loyal to you.

Twitter allows you to follow anyone, including strangers. This is helpful when you target potential customers.

One of my client for whom I worked on twitter was a Law Firm. Here are some statistics of its twitter account:

Law Firm on Twitter:


Most of the Law Firm Followers are by profession

  • CEO
  • Business owners
  • Attorneys
  • Law Firms
  • Journalist
  • Marketing people
  • Student
  • Legal News site

Example of Campaign which has been driven for Law Firm:

Twitter referral traffic for one page lawfirm/publications/ on 25 March 2013 when they published the article on Sanjay Dutt got punishment by Supreme Court.

Stat of 25th March 2013

Total Twitter Traffic: 71 visitors

Average Pages per visit: 1.77

Average time per visit: 00:00:52

New visit: 92.86%

Bounce Rate: 8.57%


Tweet was:


Why Sanjay Dutt was punished by the Supreme Court of India? know the facts

As Sanjay Dutt was trending topic at that day, I targeted all people who were having good followers and were searching for Sanjay Dutt at that time and mention them in tweet.

Paid Promotion in Twitter

Through twitter we can promote tweets and twitter profile. Twitter ads are best for a few common marketing objectives, including:

  • Promotions: Recommended for time sensitive events
  • Brand awareness: Allow advertisers exposure to potentially new audience
  • Followers: Pay-per-follow to grow the follower base and leverage this audience for future promotions and dialogue.

Types of Advertisement:

One can do two types of paid promotion on twitter:

  • Promoted Tweets – This is where Twitter either automatically selects your most engaging tweets or you can select them yourself manually and they will display them at the top of your follower’s timelines for them to see. You set the budget for how much you are willing to spend per day and also a range for how much you are willing to spend per “click.” You are then charged each time a user clicks (Re-Tweets, Favorites, Replies or clicks to your profile). Twitter also allows you to limit your promoted tweets to certain geographical regions of your choice.
  • Promoted Accounts – This feature is used in order to increase your follower count. Twitter will display your account prominently in the “Who to Follow” section to users that would most likely be interested in your account. Once again you can limit to what geographical areas you want to target and you only pay once a user follows you.
  • Promoted Trends – Promoted trends are featured next to the user’s timeline on among the organic Twitter trends and are tailored for users based on location and who they follow. Ads appear at the top of the trending topics list. Promoted Trends are currently in beta with a small selection of advertisers.

Budget and bidding on twitter

We can set our budget per day as well as bid per click according to own choice. Here is an average pricing details but actual price will depend on campaign and its competition.

  • Promoted Account ads are priced on a cost-per-follower basis with advertisers only paying for new followers gained. The recommended bid to start is $.50 to at least max of $2.50.
  • Promoted tweets use cost-per-click pricing and Twitter recommends $.50 to at least max of $1.50.

Infographic: How to start on Google+

See the Infographic on “How to start on Google+” made by Mervik Haums (

How to start on Google+


How to gain more followers for your twitter profile

Do you have a twitter account but don’t know how to get followers, retweets, RT and mentions for your account and tweets? It is an art to get followers for your twitter but for newbie here are few techniques which can be followed to get new followers. Check it out here an infographic by Quicksprout:

The Art of Getting Retweets and Followers

To prevent your Facebook Page from getting shut down, don’t break these 5 rules

Facebook Promotion Guidelines

Don’t Dos on Facebook for promotion

The Rule: A cover photo cannot contain more than 20 percent text.
Where you can find it: Facebook Page Guidelines – Article III section – B

The Facebook cover photo is one of the places I most often see policy violations. Facebook recently changed their rules about text and cover photos: calls to action are now allowed but overall the image can only contain 20 percent text. I’ve noticed that many businesses aren’t aware of the new guidelines and I’ve also noticed that lots of businesses are breaking the 20 percent text rule. If you need some help thinking of ways to leverage these new rules, check out this article. There are plenty of great tools out there that will help you determine whether your cover photo is within the 20 percent text rule, but this one is my favorite.

The Rule: Promotions on Facebook must be administered within Apps on, either on a Canvas Page or a Page App.
Where you can find it: Facebook Page Guidelines – Article III- section E- clause i

In layman’s terms this rule means that you need to use a third-party application in order to run a promotion on Facebook. Many businesses on Facebook like to ignore this rule by running promotions that consist of posting a photo and saying “share this to be entered to win” or “comment on this post for a chance to win.”

If you’re planning to run a promotion on Facebook, do it the right way. Third-party platforms exist to make it easier for businesses to have custom Facebook apps. Most third-party software providers already comply with the majority of Facebook’s guidelines so when you’re building an app you don’t need to worry about the little details. This article from Jon Loomer provides a comprehensive list of Facebook application platforms available.

The Rule: You must not use Facebook features or functionality as a promotions registration or entry
Where it can be found: Facebook Page Guidelines – Article III – section E- clause iv

This rule piggybacks on the last rule by stating that a business cannot use Facebook’s features – such as Liking, commenting, sharing, or uploading a photo — as a means of automatic entry into a contest. Basically, you can’t say “Do this and you are entered!” You still need to have the user submit an entry and agree to some basic terms. You can of course suggest that the user share something, upload a pic or leave a comment, but it can’t be a requirement.

One thing that you are allowed to do is require that users Like your Page or Check in to your Place in order to enter. The Like or Check-in is the exception to the rule, but again, it can’t automatically enter anyone into your promotion. The Like or Check-in simply allows them to continue to the entry form.

If you want to require people to Like your Page in order to participate, try creating a custom app that is fan-gated. When users see your app but haven’t Liked your Page yet, the app should encourage them to do so to proceed to the entry form. After they enter, feel free to ask them to share your contest with their friends (but don’t force them to).

The Rule: You must not notify winners through Facebook
Where it can be found: Facebook Page Guidelines – Article III – section E- clause v

It seems natural that when you’re running a Facebook contest, you pick a winner and then announce the winner’s name on Facebook. The problem is, according to Facebook’s guidelines, you’re not supposed to use Facebook as the initial means of contacting a winner. This includes Facebook messages, chat or posts on profiles, Timelines or Pages.

The best way to notify a winner is via email. If you’ve used a third party application to run your contest you’ve most likely collected some data, including email addresses, from your entrants. As long as you’ve notified your winner outside of Facebook, you can then announce the winner to your audience on your Timeline or in your app.

The Rule: If you collect information from users, you will: obtain their consent, make it clear you (and not Facebook) are the one collecting their information, and post a privacy policy explaining what information you collect and how you will use it.
Where it can be found: Statement of Rights and Responsibilities – Article 5 – Section 7

My company, ShortStack, is a third-party application and our users ask us just about every day why our app requests access to Facebook profiles. If you’re a business and you’re using a Facebook app to collect data from your users, it’s your responsibility to tell your users what information you’re collecting and exactly how that information will be used. If you’re transparent and honest with your users about what you plan on doing with their information you’re likely to receive more engagement on your data collection app.

The (Unspoken) Rule: Don’t break local, state, national or international laws Some states/regions have their own rules and guidelines for a business that is giving away any prize, including prizes won via Facebook contests. Check with your region’s business agencies to ensure that you’re abiding by local, state and international laws.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the rules and guidelines on Facebook for Pages, but these are the rules I see businesses break most often. Although it can be time consuming and tedious to make sure your Facebook Page and apps comply with all of Facebook’s rules and guidelines, it’s worth it to stay up to date with Facebook’s policies.


Google Launches Google+ (Google Plus) To Battle Facebook [PICS]

Google has finally unveiled Google+, the company’s top secret social layer that turns all of the search engine into one giant social network.

Google Plus

Google Plus

Google+, which begins rolling out a very limited field test on Tuesday, is the culmination of a year-long project led by Vic Gundotra, Google’s senior vice president of social. The project, which has been delayedseveral times, constitutes Google’s answer to Facebook.

The search giant’s new social project will be omnipresent on its products, thanks to a complete redesign of the navigation bar. The familiar gray strip at the top of every Google page will turn black, and come with several new options for accessing your Google+ profile, viewing notifications and instantly sharing content. The notification system is similar to how Facebook handles notifications, complete with a red number that increases with each additional notice.

And now Google plus has been of 2 years with millions of users.


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