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SEO Interview Questions for Candidates with 2-3 Years of Experience

SEO Job interview questions

If you are taking interview for SEO profile you must be wondering what to ask a candidate who is having 2-3 years of experience in the same field. Sometimes it happens that you ask few basic questions about SEO and close the vacancy with a less fitted person. I have concluding a list of latest SEO questions which you can use.

Latest Questions for SEO Interview for Experienced Candidate

Basic Questions:

You need to start with few basic questions as following:

  • Please tell me something about you and your profile
  • How much experience do you have in core SEO?
  • How do you plan your SEO strategy for any new project?
  • What Kind of SEO tools you use?
  • Which was your largest project till now?
  • How many indexed pages are there?
  • How do you plan and implement On-page SEO on site?
  • How do you plan and implement Off-page SEO for site after Google updates?
  • How do you keep yourself updated with latest trends?
  • What was pirate Update?
  • What was EMD update?
  • What do you know about Google’s upcoming update?
  • Do you think social media impact SEO?
  • What is Domain Authority and citation?
  • Do Page rank still matter?
  • What are the SEO ranking factors?
  • How will you do competitor analysis?
  • What is the ideal site structure?
  • What is your strong point as an SEO On-page or off page?
  • How will you rank a site without On-page? Is it possible for you?

Question related to Google Analytics:

A candidate must have aware about all function of Google analytics

  • Have you used Google analytics for your project?
  • How will you rate your knowledge out of 10?
  • Have you used custom dimension and metrics?
  • Have you used rollup property for tracking multiple accounts?
  • Have you used domain cross linking?
  • Have you implemented Goals and funnels?
  • How do you track conversions in analytics?
  • Have you implemented e-commerce tracking using analytics?
  • As an SEO which one is best for you Google analytics or Google webmasters tools?

Question related to Mobile Site:

Nowadays smart phones have been must amongst people. 50% traffic is coming on site from mobile. So a candidate must have knowledge about mobile site.

  • Have you worked on mobile site?
  • Which one responsive or separate mobile site?
  • How do you test that a site is mobile friendly or not?
  • How will you reduce the load time of a mobile site?

Image related question:

image optimization is major issue with sites which are totally dependent on images.

  • How will you rank an image in SERP?
  • How will you optimize an image?

Content Related questions:

Content is a king so one need to optimize a content very religiously.

  • Do you have experience of content writing?
  • How do you optimize your content?
  • How do you check duplicate content of site?

Internal/External and Outbound Links related question:

Links are quite important for optimizing a page that is why a candidate must be aware about all types of links.

  • How many links a webpage can have?
  • What is the difference between dofollow and nofollow links?
  • How will you check total number of Links on a page?
  • How do you earn a quality link from outer sites?
  • Which is better, text link or image link?

Random questions

  • How will you optimize a site fully made on flash?
  • How will you use iframe in your site?
  • Have your site ever penalized? If yes then how did you perform recovery?
  • What are the different methods of blocking a page?
  • Can search engine index password protected pages?
  • Have you used multiple XML sitemaps, image sitemaps and video sitemap?

If you have more questions like this, you can add in comment.


Guide on Google Pigeon Algorithm to Update Local Listing

On 24th July 2014 Google has updated on more algorithm for local search results. Here I am highlighting few important changes of Pigeon Algorithm.

1. Local listing packs disappear for a huge number of keywords

local results

If over the past few days your website has encountered a traffic drop, this may well be due to the disappearance of certain of your local listings.

If that is the case, in the short run you may need to cover the traffic losses with a PPC campaign, and in the long run — focus on getting Web search listings for those keywords.

2. Local rankings are expected to depend more on website authority

If your local rankings have suddenly dropped over the past few days, this may mean your site’s general SEO characteristics lack behind those of your competition.

Run a thorough competition research to see how your backlinks, content and other SEO characteristics stand to those of other high ranking websites.

3. Ranking boost is seen for Yelp and other local directories.

Even if less of your potential clients may now be able to find your biz website, many more of them can find you via local directory sites. This makes it crucial to build a solid business presence on leading local directories in your industry.

  • Find the most influential local directories in your niche
  • Make sure your business is listed in each of these directories.
  • Track how rankings change for your different listings.

4. Local carousel remains a way to gain extra exposure.


Carousel results put a heavy emphasis on your listing’s image and rating, while showing all options side-by-side. So make sure to put a nice, high-quality and attractive photo in your Google+ business profile and encourage your customers to review your business.

A few more general recommendations and best practices for local rankings improvement:

Though the changes in SERPs now seem to be quite considerable, the basic principles of local SEO are expected to remain the same. So here are some general recommendations for your local business to get better Google exposure.

a. Individual Google+ Local page for your business

Creating a Google+ Local page for your local business is the first step to being included in Google’s local index. Your second step is to verify your ownership of the listing. This typically involves receiving a postcard/letter from Google containing a pin number which you must enter in order to complete verification.

b. Proper category for your Google+ Local page

If you wish to appear in the local results for a search like “dentists in denver”, your business must be categorized as a dentist. If it is categorized as a certified public accountant, you have no hope of appearing for your important search terms.

c. Local area code on Google+ Local page

Using local area code phone number as a primary phone number on Google+ Local page is considered a best practice. The area code of the phone number should match the area code/codes traditionally associated with your city of location.

d. NAP on your website matching NAP on your Google+ Local page

Google will be looking at the website you’ve linked to from your Google Places/Google+ Local page and cross reference the name, address and phone number of your business. If all elements match, you’re good to go.

e. NAP consistency in all your business listings

Make sure your business name, address and phone number are also consistent in all local directories where your business is listed. Different addresses listed for your business on Yelp and TripAdvisor, for instance, may put your rankings to nowhere.

f. Large number of positive customer reviews on Google+ Local page and on third-party sources

The number of positive reviews has a proven influence on local search rankings. So make sure to encourage happy customers to leave positive reviews of your biz.

g. City or state included into your website’s title tags.

Another important factor for your “local” landing page is to have the city or state you’re targeting included into its Title tag.

h. Product/service keyword in business title

It is also believed that having the name of a core product or service in your business name may give you some advantage over competitors who lack this.

Ok, here is a quick outline of what is now know about the update — hope it helps you stay up to date. And if you found it guide useful, please let me know in comment and also share the guide with your contacts to help them.


What Google Says About Spam

What Google Says About Spam



Google Algorithm Update for YouTube Video

Google Algorithm Update for YouTube Video

Google is again Trying something but this time with videos. I think one more update has been done by search engine giant Google for Videos. Because YouTube is best and Google’s own site it will get benefited this time more than earlier.

Bad news for video streaming sites.

13 Google Tools You Didn’t Know Existed

Google Tools

These are few tools provided by Google which you will love to use:

1. Google Ngram Viewer
Google’s Ngram Viewer lets you search keywords in millions of books over the span of half a millennium, a useful tool for finding trends over time. For power users, the Ngram Viewer also has advanced options, such as searching for particular keywords as specific parts of speech or combining keywords. Just in case you ever wanted to see how big cocaine was in Victorian times, now you can.

2. Google Correlate
A part of Google Trends, Google Correlate allows you to look at search trends over time. For example, input “soup” and you’ll see a clear increase in searches during the winter months. The more fascinating part of Google Correlate is the Search by Drawing function. Draw a fun graph and Correlate will give you search keywords that best match your graph creation.

3. Google Trends
Look at trends in hot searches with Google Trends. Browse by date, or look at top searches in different categories with the new Top Charts function. Finally, with the Explore function, input a search term and see how it trended over time and location. You can also now view popular searches in a colorful fullscreen format.

4. Google Think Insights
Home to an abundance of resources, Google Think Insights is a useful tool for entrepreneurs and industry professionals. There are case studies, new findings and tips on how to grow your business, as well as showcases of exemplary projects. Finally, there are also tools for maximizing your site analytics and ad campaigns. A particularly useful collection is how to “Make Your Website Work Across Different Platforms.”

5. Google Public Data Explorer
Search through databases from around the world, including the World Bank, OECD, Eurostat and the U.S. Census Bureau. After you find what you want, filter through categories to make graphs with the axes you want. Google’s Public Data Explorer then displays the data in a line graph, bar graph, scatterplot or on a map.

6. Full Value of Mobile
A useful calculator for businesses, Google’s Full Value of Mobile will calculate just how much having a mobile site is worth. The tool will help you analyze how customers interact with the various aspects of your business, from mobile sites to calls to cross-device ability.

7. Get Your Business Online
Get Your Business Online is Google’s initiative to get more local businesses on the web, in an effort to boost the local economy as well as help small businesses grow. The initiative also encourages people to get other businesses online, with an end goal of reaching every local business in America. There are also listings for events and lessons. The free service also includes hosting for one year.

8. Schemer
Schemer is like a combination to-do list and social event planning app. Connect via your Google+ account, enter your preferences, and Schemer will offer some things to do around your area. A great tool for travelers who want to make the most out of a visit, as well as for locals who want to find something to do on an otherwise boring day. You can also collaborate with the friends in your Google+ Circles and see who wants to do the same things as you.

9. Google Fonts
Google Fonts offers open source web fonts for all to use privately or commercially. As of now, there are 629 font families available. Filter fonts by thickness, slant, width and script.

10. Google Developers
Google Developers houses a plethora of resources that developers can use, tools such as internationalizing different websites and live presentations of tutorials. Developers can also join groups in a local area for meetups and collaboration.

11. Dart
Dart is a programming language developed by Google in hopes of eventually replacing JavaScript as the language of modern web apps. Dart was released in 2011 and is still in its development stages. With a goal to make coding and collaboration simpler, Dart was designed to be simple enough that even beginning developers could learn from it.

12. Google Keep
Launched earlier this year, Google Keep app connects to your Google Drive. Sync-able across all your devices, Google Keep allows you to keep notes, voice memos, pictures and checklists in order. The easy-to-use interface is a simple app for those looking to do basic note-keeping on-the-go.

13. Google Sky
A part of Google Earth, Google Sky allows you to explore space and star systems. In collaboration with NASA, using images from the Hubble Telescope, Google Sky is one of three subsidiaries of Google Earth, the others being Google Mars and Google Moon.


Happy Birthday Google

Happy Birthday Google gets 13

Happy Birthday Google gets 13

Happy birthday, Google. Today, the search engine turns 13. In keeping with tradition, Google has posted a birthday Doodle. This year’s logo is a throwback to the early 2000s, when Google’s logo emulated Yahoo in adding an exclamation point.

The exact date of Google’s birthday has changed and been debated a bit through the years. Google filed for incorporation on September 4, 1998, was established three days later on September 7, and the domain was registered September 15. All have been considered Google’s “birthday” at one point, but Google has officially chosen September 27 as their day.

Search Engine Watch has covered Google since Day 1 – whatever day you choose that to be. Search Engine Watch provided one of the earliest reviews of Google in August 1998, at which time then Ph.D. student and future Google CEO Larry Page said his goal was to “build a service where the priority is on giving users great results.”

As for Doodles, the special logos have been around since Aug. 30, 1998. The first Doodle was created when Page and Sergey Brin attended the Burning Man festival. The first Google Doodle celebrating their birthday appeared on Sept. 27, 2002, for their fourth birthday.


Why google search says sorry?

These days, google is irritating us. when we try to do some quick search it redirects us to page saying “We’re Sorry… but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now. To continue searching, please type the characters you see below: “. It looks disgusting to us. But what is the reason behind it?

Google prevents automated queries

Sorry page is the page Google serves you (or an application) when you fail to answer it’s human-verification question. Google has instituted this new policy – randomly checking to see if queries submitted to it (ie. searches) are done by human beings (as opposed to software applications). The purpose of this is two-fold. On the one hand, blocking the search query and redirecting the user to sorry page alerts the user to potential spyware on their PC; on the other hand, it prevents users from utilizing software to query the Google search engine.

Google protects you from spyware

On the sorry page, you’ll see Google recommending you run anti-virus and anti-spyware checkers. Why? If spyware is present on your computer, it may be accessing the Internet, and will often execute Google queries. If Google detects this, instead of giving the application what it’s looking for, it will block the request and serve the sorry page instead. On this page you’ll see recommendation for you to scan and clean your PC in the event of an infection.

Google blocks Google ranking and utility tools

Just because you see the page sorry page doesn’t mean your PC is infected with spyware. It’s also possible that you have a browser plugin (Firefox add-on) or software utility installed, such as a Google ranking checker, that performs regular Google queries. Since Google randomly executes human verification, the utility will get caught, and eventually the sorry  page will get served.

While this reduces the load on Google’s servers, it also prevents software and utilites that rely on the Google API and querying capabilities to function. Bottom line, if you’re repeatedly getting this error, you should run an anti-spyware utility (such as SpyZooka), first, and then check your browsers for plug-ins (such as Google rankings tools, etc.) and other software that might be accessing the Internet and querying Google.


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