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Windows 7 circle dockEveryone thinks that Windows 7 surely brought something more user friendly features and this is true. Yes it has so many aspect that you will enjoy surely.

 This is not by any means an official Microsoft Windows 7 release, but comes in the form of Open Source.

 Windows 7

  • Offers Drag and Drop shortcuts, files & folder to add it to the taskbar
  •  Allows You to rotate the dock items with wheel or arrow keys
  •  Facilitates to Change the image show for the icon and change the skins
  •  Offers you to view Dock on the mouse location by pressing F1 key
  •  Provides Reorder the dock items on the dock bar by drag and drop
  •  Can run from USB drives
  •  Offers a cool icon replacement mode
  •  Facilitates Working in all Windows Vista and Windows XP
  •  Easily works with multiple monitors
  •  Launch programs from a circular dock
  •  Allows You to add more and any icon of your choice
  •  Includes support for French, English, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Indonesian, Serbian, Croatian, Chinese, Spanish, German, and Danish

 This is quite a useful add on for your current Windows desktop, Windows 7 will of an advanced version of this, but for now you will have to use the open source version.


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Know About Digital World Around You