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Google offers Top 1000 websites List for Advertisement

The Google AdWords blog announced new features for Google Ad Planner and AdWords content network today.

The big news is that Google publicly released a list of the top 1,000 sites by unique users as measured by Ad Planner. The list ranks sites based on category, unique visitors, reach and page views. Not only has Google come out with this list, but they are also allowing advertisers to specify that they only want their content ads to show on these top 1,000 sites.

To activate this filter in AdWords, go to your AdWords account and select “non Ad Planner 1000″ within the “category filters” section.

The top list lists as the number one ranking site globally with 570,000,000,000 page views and 540,000,000 unique visitors. The list will be updated monthly and does not include adult sites, ad networks, domains that don’t have publicly visible content or don’t load properly, and certain Google sites. Yes, Google removes some of their own sites.

Where does this data come from? Google explains it comes from “aggregated Google Toolbar data from users who have opted in to enhanced features, publisher opt-in anonymous Google Analytics data, opt-in external consumer panel data, and other third-party market research. The data is aggregated over millions of users and powered by computer algorithms.”

The other Ad Planner features released today include a way to export your Google Content Network Placements from Ad Planner to AdWords and you can now create lists within Ad Planner.



Google Verifies Daily Update Influence Long Time Visitors

Google made between 350 and 550 changes in its organic search algorithms in 2009. This is one of the reasons I recommend that site owners not get too fixated on specific ranking factors. If you tie construction of your site to any one perceived algorithm signal, you’re at the mercy of Google’s constant tweaks. These frequent changes are one reason Google itself downplays algorithm updates. Focus on what Google is trying to accomplish as it refines things (the most relevant, useful results possible for searchers) and you’ll generally avoid too much turbulence in your organic search traffic.

However, sometimes a Google algorithm change is substantial enough that even those who don’t spend a lot of time focusing on the algorithms notice it. That seems to be the case with what those discussing it at Webmaster World have named “Mayday”. Last week at Google I/O, I was on a panel with Googler Matt Cutts who said, when asked during Q&A,  ”this is an algorithmic change in Google, looking for higher quality sites to surface for long tail queries. It went through vigorous testing and isn’t going to be rolled back.”

I asked Google for more specifics and they told me that it was a rankings change, not a crawling or indexing change, which seems to imply that sites getting less traffic still have their pages indexed, but some of those pages are no longer ranking as highly as before. Based on Matt’s comment, this change impacts “long tail” traffic, which generally is from longer queries that few people search for individually, but in aggregate can provide a large percentage of traffic.

This change seems to have primarily impacted very large sites with “item” pages that don’t have many individual links into them, might be several clicks from the home page, and may not have substantial unique and value-added content on them. For instance, ecommerce sites often have this structure. The individual product pages are unlikely to attract external links and the majority of the content may be imported from a manufacturer database. Of course, as with any change that results in a traffic hit for some sites, other sites experience the opposite. Based on Matt’s comment at Google I/O, the pages that are now ranking well for these long tail queries are from “higher quality” sites (or perhaps are “higher quality” pages).

My complete speculation is that perhaps the relevance algorithms have been tweaked a bit. Before, pages that didn’t have high quality signals might still rank well if they had high relevance signals. And perhaps now, those high relevance signals don’t have as much weight in ranking if the page doesn’t have the right quality signals.

What’s a site owner to do? It can be difficult to create compelling content and attract links to these types of pages. My best suggestion to those who have been hit by this is to isolate a set of queries for which the site now is getting less traffic and check out the search results to see what pages are ranking instead. What qualities do they have that make them seen as valuable? For instance, I have no way of knowing how has faired during this update, but they’ve done a fairly good job of making individual item pages with duplicated content from manufacturer’s databases unique and compelling by the addition of content like of user reviews. They have set up a fairly robust internal linking (and anchor text) structure with things like recommended items and lists. And they attract external links with features such as the my favorites widget.

From the discussion at the Google I/O session, this is likely a long-term change so if your site has been impacted by it, you’ll likely want to do some creative thinking around how you can make these types of pages more valuable (which should increase user engagement and conversion as well).

Update on 5/30/10: Matt Cutts from Google has posted a YouTube video about the change. In it, he says “it’s an algorithmic change that changes how we assess which sites are the best match for long tail queries.” He recommends that a site owner who is impacted evaluate the quality of the site and if the site really is the most relevant match for the impacted queries, what “great content” could be added, determine if the the site is considered an “authority”, and ensure that the page does more than simply match the keywords in the query and is relevant and useful for that query.


Google Applications

Google offers so many user friendly applications for the help of users. I am describing some here just for spreading this knowledge to others. Google offers a total package of tools completely free.

Google Chrome Web Browser– offers fast, safer and easiest browsing with address bar search.

Google Earth– allows you to find all the things situated on earth including maps, hotels, roads and more.

Google Apps– provides whole family pack like Google email, calendar, and document applications with facility of creating, collaborating, communicating and sharing with everyone.

Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer– offers you to search from all web pages and auto fill forms also blocks pop-ups.

Spyware Doctor with Anti-Virus– protects your PC from viruses and detects all kind of virus infected files.

Google Desktop– offers you to easily find and manage all emails, files web history at one place on your desktop sidebar.

Picasa– offers to easily find, edit and share your favorite photos with red eye and fix photo removal.

Adobe Reader– offers to view, print and search pdf files easily.

Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar- offers quick browsing and tab facility in your internet browser.

Google Talk- offers to connect with your friends with text or voice chat easily.

RealPlayer– offers to play popular audio and video with well organized manner.

Skype– allows you to call mobile and landline in minimum cost.

There are many more google apps used you can take a look of above ones.

Windows 7 6965 icon set

As stated in the heading these 6965 attractive symbol sets are built by Windows 7 that may change by the official Windows 7 release date. These Windows 7 icon sets will easily work for both Windows XP as well as Windows vista.

These icons are very fresh that provide a great Windows 7 feel to your current desktop and laptop. So feel free with Windows 7 icon sets.

Windows 7 Professional

Windows 7 Professional is the second Windows 7 edition next to Windows 7 Home Premium that Microsoft made available for customers and OEMs worldwide. This edition basically have been Windows 7 Business but was renamed by Microsoft to reflect that it is not only aimed at business but also at professionals. Some say that it was done to make the decision for Windows XP users easier to switch to the new operating system as one of the Windows XP editions was named Windows XP Professional.
Windows 7 Professional contains all features that Microsoft has build into Windows 7 Home Premium
• Full Windows Aero support.
• Home Group (Create & Join)
• Multi-Touch
• Premium Games
• Windows Media Center
Plus the following:
• Windows Server Domain support.
• Remote Desktop Server support.
• Location aware printing.
• Encrypting the file system
• Presentation mode

Windows Phone 7 Development Tools released by Microsoft

Even though the Windows Phone 7 is still some months away from consumption, Microsoft is taking pains to deliver development tools to make applications available. A while back Microsoft released a limited version of the Windows Phone 7 binaries for developers, but shortly afterward someone opened them up to explore their content.

Microsoft has released an updated set of Windows7 phone tools for developers to help them get closer to provide applications on the marketplace. But now there are a few new features to take a look at.

Additional feature is the phone interface. It delivers a visually simple but comprehensive and straight way to make a call. You can work through your contacts or bring up a number directly, If a call is in progress you can then continue to work in other apps, and the call status will be displayed in the top status bar. You can set up three-way calling, or send audio to Bluetooth or to the speakerphone. You can even throw your conversation counterpart on hold.

This new release has been tested to work with the release of Visual Studio 2010. There is an updated Windows Phone 7 OS image for the Windows Phone Emulator. The Pause/Resume events are now supported, and there is limited support for launchers and choosers.

Several problems are fixed that are reported before like:
Design time skin refresh issues have been addressed. If the tools are installed as the admin user, non-admin users are now able to install them to the emulator. Problems with the incremental deployment of projects have been fixed. When the error message appears, “Connection failed because of invalid command-line arguments,” the problem causing it has been fixed. If a Windows Phone node was not appearing in Visual Studio 2010 on non-system drives this problem has been fixed.


Windows 7 Circle Dock

Windows 7 circle dockEveryone thinks that Windows 7 surely brought something more user friendly features and this is true. Yes it has so many aspect that you will enjoy surely.

 This is not by any means an official Microsoft Windows 7 release, but comes in the form of Open Source.

 Windows 7

  • Offers Drag and Drop shortcuts, files & folder to add it to the taskbar
  •  Allows You to rotate the dock items with wheel or arrow keys
  •  Facilitates to Change the image show for the icon and change the skins
  •  Offers you to view Dock on the mouse location by pressing F1 key
  •  Provides Reorder the dock items on the dock bar by drag and drop
  •  Can run from USB drives
  •  Offers a cool icon replacement mode
  •  Facilitates Working in all Windows Vista and Windows XP
  •  Easily works with multiple monitors
  •  Launch programs from a circular dock
  •  Allows You to add more and any icon of your choice
  •  Includes support for French, English, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Indonesian, Serbian, Croatian, Chinese, Spanish, German, and Danish

 This is quite a useful add on for your current Windows desktop, Windows 7 will of an advanced version of this, but for now you will have to use the open source version.

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