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Ultimate Windows 7

Windows 7In just the first six months of the sales of Microsoft managed to implement more than 100 million copies of OS Windows 7! According to experts, if the new version Windows itself does not compromise, and consumer interest will remain on the same level by the end of the year 2010 will be sold around 200 million copies of the operating system. This phenomenal rate of sales will pay back with interest fail, which suffered from Microsoft Windows VistaAnd may lead to the return of the software giant’s products at the forefront in the list of the most popular users around the world. It seems that soon Microsoft will return its dominance in the software market!

According to the analyst company Technology Business Research, while Vista has passed, and at the same competitors Windows – Apple and the team of developers Linux – could not take advantage of unpopularity from Microsoft. During all this time, while redmondtsy worked on next version Windows, They had a chance to pull the blanket over himself, raising the market share of its own platforms, but now the screen that appears, according to figures provided by Microsoft, was closed to them. Of course, the best scenario for the Redmond company is now – is to maintain and consolidate the leading position, customer confidence, which deteriorated after Vista.

Indicator of success will be adoption of the new OS, not only by ordinary users, but corporate customers, who are already planning to move to Windows 7At least the next couple of years. Interestingly, despite the obvious shortcomings of the previous version of the product, Microsoft did everything possible not to lose business partners, perhaps the reason for this – really weak competition from other operating systems. Yes, customers were not happy with Vista, but since it is still nothing left, continued to use it.

According to Microsoft, over 10% of PCs worldwide are currently working under Windows 7. Furthermore, only in the first quarter of 2010 the volume of supply software increased by 25%. Of course, analysts Microsoft a bit cunning. Maybe it’s not so much the amazing quality of their product, how much that people began to gradually withdraw from the global economic crisis, customers are beginning to replace outdated computers, sales partners grow, passing the success of the chain.

Analysts Microsoft said revenue growth in the third quarter of fiscal year 2010 to 28%, in which the company planned to earn $ 14.50 billion. Success Windows 7Undoubtedly play a not insignificant role, reinforcing the company’s position in the international market. Having a product to receive this feedback, Microsoft will be able to literally crush the competition, because consumers will now have fewer and fewer reasons to seek an alternative product the software giant.



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