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Windows vs Macintosh

Mcintosh vs WndowsHi friends Today I have a hot topic about which I am going to share my views.

 As you know recently Windows and Macintosh operating systems launched Windows 7 and Snow Leopard. Both has their own pros and cons. Do you know which one is better option for you? If you are really interested to buy a new one then just take a look.

A normal user want suitable and simple to use system which fulfills his all requirement. Now just decide what will be better option for you Mac or PC?

 After some studies I come to know that 20% people are using Mac over all world. It means there should some features which meet with their need. Mac has better speed and performance than PC and this is most preferable reason to select it. Just because Mac is less popular than PC it is easier to write viruses program to damage it. Macintosh is well suited for computer generated files. But due to less use its cost is slight much than any PC. It is all about Macs.

Now let’s know something about Windows. Microsoft PC is seemed to be less costly than Mac. Except it some good organizations are also attached with this PC generation like Compaq, Dell, HCL, Acer, Toshiba, IBM etc. this encourages PC users to buy it due to its popularity. You can easily get Windows operating system users around you. These PCs are more flexible and widely used for networking as well as file sharing. Your maximum software is compatible with Windows OS just because it is most popular.

So I think you can decide now which one is best for you. This article is helpful for those who are extremely confused to get a new Laptop or Desktop.



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  1. Nice and very informative post…..looking forward for more updates

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