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Ultimate Windows 7

Windows 7In just the first six months of the sales of Microsoft managed to implement more than 100 million copies of OS Windows 7! According to experts, if the new version Windows itself does not compromise, and consumer interest will remain on the same level by the end of the year 2010 will be sold around 200 million copies of the operating system. This phenomenal rate of sales will pay back with interest fail, which suffered from Microsoft Windows VistaAnd may lead to the return of the software giant’s products at the forefront in the list of the most popular users around the world. It seems that soon Microsoft will return its dominance in the software market!

According to the analyst company Technology Business Research, while Vista has passed, and at the same competitors Windows – Apple and the team of developers Linux – could not take advantage of unpopularity from Microsoft. During all this time, while redmondtsy worked on next version Windows, They had a chance to pull the blanket over himself, raising the market share of its own platforms, but now the screen that appears, according to figures provided by Microsoft, was closed to them. Of course, the best scenario for the Redmond company is now – is to maintain and consolidate the leading position, customer confidence, which deteriorated after Vista.

Indicator of success will be adoption of the new OS, not only by ordinary users, but corporate customers, who are already planning to move to Windows 7At least the next couple of years. Interestingly, despite the obvious shortcomings of the previous version of the product, Microsoft did everything possible not to lose business partners, perhaps the reason for this – really weak competition from other operating systems. Yes, customers were not happy with Vista, but since it is still nothing left, continued to use it.

According to Microsoft, over 10% of PCs worldwide are currently working under Windows 7. Furthermore, only in the first quarter of 2010 the volume of supply software increased by 25%. Of course, analysts Microsoft a bit cunning. Maybe it’s not so much the amazing quality of their product, how much that people began to gradually withdraw from the global economic crisis, customers are beginning to replace outdated computers, sales partners grow, passing the success of the chain.

Analysts Microsoft said revenue growth in the third quarter of fiscal year 2010 to 28%, in which the company planned to earn $ 14.50 billion. Success Windows 7Undoubtedly play a not insignificant role, reinforcing the company’s position in the international market. Having a product to receive this feedback, Microsoft will be able to literally crush the competition, because consumers will now have fewer and fewer reasons to seek an alternative product the software giant.



Share your videos with Google

share google videoGoogle Video for business has been released as an innovative application in Google Apps, designed for distributing preferred video in an association.

To share your video, it is only required to upload a video to Google Apps, and then invite others to check it. With Google Video for business, anyone can upload a video — on anything ranging from managerial communications to product training to trip reports — and share it safely with individuals or the whole group. Google Video for business is now available as part of Google Apps Premier Edition without additional cost.

As everyone know ”YouTube has facilitated millions of customers to easily capture and share video at an unparalleled level, yet commercial video has remained expensive and convoluted. With Google Video for business, our customers get the ease of YouTube shared with the simple and secure sharing of Google Apps.”

With Google Video for business, companies can influence the power and intimacy of video to converse all flavors of corporate information including: Leadership communications such as business updates and corporate announcements Training and how-to share videos to product information and business expertise Customer insight derived from site visits, interviews, or focus groups Social videos that evangelize related activity and initiatives across an company.

Sharing video is as simple as clicking ‘browse’ to locate a video and ‘upload’ to start sharing. Google Apps offers video owners multiple operating controls for sharing videos such as: share videos with individuals, groups, or the complete organization add descriptions and tags embed videos in any internal web page, including Google Sites Viewers across the organization can: search for any video to which they have access view high-quality video from popular browsers submit ratings, comments and additional tags optionally download videos for viewing offline or on portable devices Google Video for business is available now in English to Google Apps Premier Edition accounts with 3GB of Video storage per account.

With Google Apps, users can use tools such as Gmail webmail service, Google Talk instant messaging service, Google Calendar calendaring service, Google Docs program, Google Sites web application, the Start Page for creating a customizable homepage, and now Google Video for business on their own domain to work jointly more efficiently.

Google’s targeted advertising program provides businesses of all sizes with measurable results, while increasing the entire web experience for users.

Windows vs Macintosh

Mcintosh vs WndowsHi friends Today I have a hot topic about which I am going to share my views.

 As you know recently Windows and Macintosh operating systems launched Windows 7 and Snow Leopard. Both has their own pros and cons. Do you know which one is better option for you? If you are really interested to buy a new one then just take a look.

A normal user want suitable and simple to use system which fulfills his all requirement. Now just decide what will be better option for you Mac or PC?

 After some studies I come to know that 20% people are using Mac over all world. It means there should some features which meet with their need. Mac has better speed and performance than PC and this is most preferable reason to select it. Just because Mac is less popular than PC it is easier to write viruses program to damage it. Macintosh is well suited for computer generated files. But due to less use its cost is slight much than any PC. It is all about Macs.

Now let’s know something about Windows. Microsoft PC is seemed to be less costly than Mac. Except it some good organizations are also attached with this PC generation like Compaq, Dell, HCL, Acer, Toshiba, IBM etc. this encourages PC users to buy it due to its popularity. You can easily get Windows operating system users around you. These PCs are more flexible and widely used for networking as well as file sharing. Your maximum software is compatible with Windows OS just because it is most popular.

So I think you can decide now which one is best for you. This article is helpful for those who are extremely confused to get a new Laptop or Desktop.


Make your Microsoft Windows 7 Secure

windows 7Latest Windows 7 security becomes very necessary because of its dominating feature, which has increased the global demand of its installation.

Windows 7 security is the top most dominating feature, which has raised the global demand of its installation. There are plenty of new features along with some good modification in the previous features and the operating system offers enhanced security for both online and offline activities.

Microsoft has blessed its new operating system with some innovative features, such as DirectAccess, Biometric Security, Applocker, Windows Filtering Platform (WFP). Besides, there has been a considerable improvement in previous features, like Windows Secuirty Center of Vista has been presented in a more effective way as Action Center, BitLocker has been revised to perform advanced job.

With the modified and innovative features, like BitLocker, you can share your data with your colleague without any worry, DirectAccess helps to share your office network in a secure manner, when you are on move. With Action Center, you can troubleshoot the problems arising with software and hardware conflicts in a much better way. BitLocker feature, which is useful for encrypting your data files, is not available with the Windows 7 Home Premium Edition. It has been observed that the files encrypted are hard to recover, in case of any data loss.

Windows 7 Firewall has been modified to a great extent, now it can filter both inbound and outbound traffic of your computer’s network. Windows Defender can be customized well, under the Advanced Setting option, available in Control Panel, for quick, complete and partial scanning of your computer’s memory. While in Vista, you were permitted for doing only basic setting. In addition to this, you can also customize it as per your need to scan public network, home network or work network. Moreover, you can perform scanning of each one at the same time, it was also restricted in earlier Vista, where you can do scanning of one network at a time. Next improvement has been done with the restriction from User Account Control, which doesn’t allow others to perform any setting change over your PC in your absence.

With effective Windows Firewall, Windows Defender and software, you can keep your computer safe from viruses and ensure good performance. Adding on, you can remain free from frequent computer’s issues like sluggish performance, slow startup, blue-screen error and computer’s freezing. You can keep your Windows registry in sound condition, which is the God father of your computer.

Understanding the global threat about cyber-crime and other malicious software, Microsoft has done a complete overhauling in the security feature of Windows 7. With the new operating system, you can share your computer’s data and peripheral devices like, printers and scanners in a much secured manner.

Advantages and disadvantages are always associated with any development. There are some limitations in Windows 7 security, like Windows Firewall has been observed to be getting disabled on attack of some sophisticated viruses. Windows 7 still using the same encrypt arithmetic as the previous versions of Windows. That means that if you need to reset Windows 7 password, you can just use the similar methods like Windows Vista or XP. Sometimes you even have to use some Windows 7 password recovery software that is used for Windows 7 password reset. Further, it also raises issues while installing some new programs or making some download from any website. Windows Defender needs to be configured well after each and every new installation work you perform on your computer.

For attaining better security over your Windows 7 installed computer, you should keep your Windows update enabled, when you are online. Status of Windows Defender should be monitored on regular basis. In addition, your computer must have a compatible antivirus program.


Microsoft offers Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1

Windows Mobile Phone

Windows Mobile Phone

Microsoft has fixed a problem that made it difficult for users of the most recent Windows Mobile devices to synch with PCs running Vista.

Tuesday night, Microsoft launched Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1, an upgraded version of the software that lets Windows Mobile users manage their phones.

The Mobile Device Center was designed for Vista users as a replacement for Active Sync, the software that lets PC users synchronize content like calendar items and transfer content like music between their Windows Mobile phones and PCs.

However, early users of Windows Mobile 6.0 devices have complained that the Device Center doesn’t synch files at all or in some cases it may lose updates to files.

“In the past, some users reported installation and compatibility issues with Windows Mobile Device Center [WMDC],” said John Starkweather, group product manager in Microsoft’s mobile communications group, in an e-mail statement. “We have released an update to WMDC intended to improve the overall user experience.”

Mobile Device Center 6.1 supports file synchronization for all Windows Mobile 6.0 devices including Smartphone, according to Mel Sampat, a program manager for Windows Mobile who blogged about the newversion.

Other new features in Device Center include syncing HTML-formatted mail, allowing data connections on the phone when connected to the PC and automatic device authentication.

Microsoft also announced that in the third quarter, Windows Mobile will be compatible with Office 2007. That means users of Windows Mobile 6 Professional and Standard devices as well as Mobile 5.0 touch screen phones that already have Office Mobile will get a free update that will let them read and edit Office 2007 Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

Also in the third quarter, device makers will be able to start shipping Windows Mobile 6 devices with Office Mobile 2007 preinstalled.


Stability test of Windows Mobile

Windows mobile

Windows mobile

Windows Mobile is a wobbly and unstable mobile operating system that needs daily, or if you’re lucky, weekly reboots to keep it running smoothly. You should install a close button replacement tool that will actually force applications to close instead of just the smart minimize that Windows Mobile does by default because Microsoft can’t seem to figure out how to manage memory on a mobile device.

Those words are pretty strong and perhaps a little harsh. Do people actually believe that Microsoft’s mobile operating system is that bad in managing memory? I would like to think that it’s not true. Every day I deal with customers who are managing hundreds or thousands of Windows Mobile devices and on a regular basis people ask me how they can force a reboot of the device on a given schedule.

Most people that ask for this are looking to force the reboot in the middle of the night, or every Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday, or some other schedule that they’ve come to believe will magically fix all of their problems. The real question is: why do they need to do this? I don’t question that they might be having problems with stability. In fact, I’m certain that a reboot will help them out. Most feel that Windows Mobile can’t cut it and requires the reboot just to clean up leaks in memory and whatnot.

Ultimately allowing them to run their applications without crashes and hangs that they were experiencing before the reboot. Is scheduling a reboot for the device really the best approach? Perhaps trying to determine the source of the problem and correcting it would be a better. While I do get request about forcing a reboot, there are plenty of other customers that never reboot their devices and almost never run into problems. What’s the difference? Why are some able to run for days/weeks/months without ever having to reboot the device. While others can’t seem to make it a couple days without the need to reboot. Is it the device? Perhaps one hardware manufacturer has done a better job than another? Possible, but unlikely.

From the talks I’ve had with customers, the reboot crowd are not all running one type or make of device. It doesn’t matter if the device is a rugged device from Motorola, Intermec, or Honeywell, or if it’s a consumer device from HTC, Samsung, or Motorola. Could it be Microsoft? While it’s certainly is possible, I find this option to be highly unlikely as well. If they had a serious memory leak or instability, I would like to think that it’s been addressed at some point over the years and versions that have rolled by. I’m not saying that Windows Mobile is perfect and that you’ll never find a bug in it. I am saying that major issues are going to be addressed from release to release. The reality is that 3rd party applications are the single biggest source of instability and memory leaks on Windows Mobile. If you find that you need to reboot your device on a daily or weekly schedule, the best thing you can do is to hard reset the device and start fresh. Don’t install any 3rd party applications and see how things go from there. I’m certain that you will find a reboot is not required. Slowly over time you can install your applications and watch to see at what point in time things start to fail. If you hard reset and install all the same junk again right away, then you’re no better than you were before the reset. I’m not saying that all 3rd party applications will cause instability on your device. However, you need to stop and think about the applications you are installing and where you got them from. Some developers don’t take care in what they are doing and don’t properly clean up after themselves. Could Microsoft have built a better OS that better protects the user from poorly written 3rd party applications by isolating each application to its own memory space? Sure, but at what cost? These are mobile devices, and while the memory footprint maybe substantially more than it was just a couple years ago, that doesn’t mean you should be running a full featured OS on your phone. Besides, many applications require the interaction with other applications to run. The best thing you can do is to be careful and thoughtful about the applications you install and where you got it from. Apple’s iPhone is a prime example of this. Everyone praised the first generation iPhone for its stability. All that changed when the second generation, iPhone 3G was released.

It now appears that everyone is screaming about the instability of the iPhone. The biggest change is the addition of Apple’s software store allowing 3rd party applications to be purchased installed on the iPhone. Some jail broke their first generation iPhone and installed applications, but it wasn’t a very common occurrence and the people that did that are more technical and understanding of the crashes and hang-ups that come with tinkering under the hood. Stability can be found on your mobile device, and as I’ve already stated, the trick is to keep yourself from installing questionable applications. If you are having problems, hard reset and don’t install that application again. Give it a try and see for yourself.

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